You’re Invited!!

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Whalers Pub, Lahaina, Maui

Is this place still in business?

I wouldn’t know. It’s been thirty years since Hali and I have been to Maui. What I remember about the island was the road to Hana, shivering in shorts on top of some volcano, and then there was this luau…

~~~Say HAWAII~~~

At the Whalers Pub luau, newlyweds had the privilege of eating at the tribal chiefs table, mai tais were free~flowing, and I remember the poi, though I wish I’d forget.

Look at that handsome couple(the blondes) garnished with fresh Hawaiian leis, Hali in her pretty laced dress, Mike in his blue “short” shorts.* Oh how cute, they’re both wearing matching thongs, I mean flip-flops.


Every few years, like every ten, we throw our own Luau and invite friends to celebrate. So next Friday you’re invited to our decades old tradition~~ Spirit of Aloha. There’ll be plenty of mai tais, kahlua pork, no poi, and if the party gets going, some hula & limbo. But the highlight of the night is the honeymoon slideshow. Yes, call us old-fashioned but we actually took slide film and feature our Honeymoon Hilarity to our guests. No worries, it’s rated PG-14.

Mike, not Woody

*Disclaimer* Back then I was Mike, not Woody. However Woody would have fit perfectly for this occasion. What IS that, a coconut?


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