You Get What You Pay For

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I’ve rented cars four times this past year and finally found my favorite car rental broker. Nothing fancy


This site is simple to navigate and CHEAP! By CHEAP, I mean lowest price with off the beaten path car rental outfits like Value, Firefly, and Payless. Their counters may be a shuttle ride away or on the 7th floor at the airport, but the rates are great. Choices also include the premier rental agencies with larger fleets and selections of all types of vehicles from economy to luxury.

I’ll compare rates on booking sites like Priceline or directly with the marquis agencies like Hertz or Budget(?). The lowest price is always on

Last week I rented an economy car four days for a total of $83 from Payless. The car was ten dollars a day with fees and taxes added another eleven a day. I put a total of 70 miles and burned 3 gallons of fuel on this little car mostly with back and forth trips to the Friends of the Library donation box at the Cupertino Public Library.

If all I need when I rent a car is to get from point A to point B and back, I’ll look to this booking agent every time. Yea, I may need to roll up windows and lock doors manually, but I’m paying half as much as the I would to an AVIS type agent.

With this latest rental, I’m glad I didn’t have any backseat drivers…

Backseat Spiller

Backseat Spiller

When renting a car, you get what you pay (or Payless) for.

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