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To Quit Smoking is One of the Most Difficult Things to Do

One of our more successful strategies in keeping Maribel from smoking is keeping her busy. Currently, she is smoking 1 to 3 cigarettes a day. Way down from nearly two packs, just two months ago. This is how we do it. . .

So much writing – we’ve run out of ink!

white board schedule

No more cig count – reduces being reminded…

. . . the white board. Maribel studies it. She sits in front of it and is constantly reading down the list of daily activities. It works. The days she doesn’t work at Home Depot are long. From 7am to about 9pm is work for us. For Maribel, this simple strategy works.

Woody Time

Her favorite time of the day comes just after a hearty breakfast prepared by Woody. That’s right! The time she looks forward to every day is 10am~Woody Time!woody and maribel

Something about Woody Time that brings out the best in Maribel. Whether it’s our morning walk with Woody playing with his freakish hair or the daily Woody hose down, Maribel just can’t get enough of Woody Time.

There are days where 30 minutes of Woody Time just is not enough. She will voluntarily hold the rake an additional 30 minutes just to be with Woody. There is not a day that goes by that Maribel looks over the white board for her 10am activity with her energetic enthusiasm.

Not sure if it is Woody’s charm, warm personality, sense of humor, or hard work. Just ask Maribel if Woody Time is her favorite time of day….

Weirdo Woody


Her most likely response, “Who’s Woody?”







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8 thoughts on “Woody Time

  1. emily wiley-mcadams

    too funny. Is that hose down Woody’s shower time? You know how people are attracted to Woody!

  2. Audrey P Adams

    No surprise there — Woody has always been good with kids and dogs, so this just kinda makes sense. (But is there a freudian slip here with “desert” — are you ready to leave? Wouldn’t blame you. You are doing a wonderful thing.)

    1. John Stipan

      Bounce a basketball as you walk Woody. Bounce it to Maribel. Dribbling improves memory… Love you man


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