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Still Attracting Attention

Still Attracting Attention

I noticed Carlos’ “lazy leg” last April. It’s the same leg he had major surgery on when he was ten- his bionic foot. It’s not his foot, it’s the muscle in his upper leg. Carlos just doesn’t have the muscle mass any more. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still studly. I get comments all the time at how great he looks for a frosty 15 year old.

Señor Carlos

When Carlos was six he had some kind of funky seizure. He had these off and on for about five years. Maybe two a year. But one time he had two in a week. That’s when I took him in. Of course, like many doctors would, the vet put him on medication. He still had seizures off and on for a year or two before I took him off the meds. He hasn’t had a seizure in six years.

Lil 'Los

Lil ‘Los


Lil’ ‘Los

He’s had a bed wetting period. Took him to the vet and guess what he did? You bet, he put Carlos on meds. Like his seizure medication, these didn’t help either but the embarrassing wiener wrapped diaper did. This went on for a couple months until he out grew this pee pee phase. Now he only wets the bed during thunderstorms.

So, because I seem to know my dog better than the vet and medication will only age him faster, he’s been drug free for the last five years. Not bad for the old Señor Carlos.

Old Man 'Los

Old Man ‘Los

But this leg thing, it’s not  a phase he’s  going to outgrow. I wouldn’t say it’s gotten worse over the course of the year but his nicknames keep evolving. TriPod , because he often stands with both rear feet in the same place. It’s some sort of balancing act. GEEZER, that’s self explanatory. And affectionately, DONKEY. He’s no longer out in front of me on walks. He’s tethered and walking behind me like a shepherd with his loyal donkey in tow. Not uncomfortable, just slow. And there’s nothing wrong with life in the slow lane.


In November Carlos will be sixteen. We’re hoping to share the giblets with him again at the Thanksgiving table. At least that’s  what I wished for over the wishbone last year. I did get the bigger bone when Carli and I snapped it apart but I’m pretty sure we wished for the same thing. Win Υ Win.

So, in a couple weeks we hit the road again. We’re all ready except…maybe Carli. We’ve prepared her that she might not see Carlos again. It’s heartbreaking because Carlos can actually count to three. Carli taught him that. And Carlos was always at ease when the three of us are all together.

BUT, as long as Carlos is eager to jump into the van, ready to continue our adventure, we’re headed where the weather suits his clothes-north. The old GEEZER will get his occasional cheeseburger, TriPod will be featured in many more photos, and I’ll tow our DONKEY to the beach for the surf check. It’s all good. Life is Good. Especially when Carlos has the three of us. It’s the magic number.


I also told Carli to never count out the underdog. We’ll all be rooting for Carlos. Then promised her we’d be back this November for Thanksgiving. By then, Carlos may have a new nickname. Something like CARLOS the WonderBoy. No matter, he’ll always be ‘Los to us.





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