Wipe Your Feet!

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Hali reminds me of the Polish babushka(grandmother) constantly sweeping the outdoor mats. Always with a broom in her hand. She’s very particular of the surface we walk on and what particular matter gets inside the van. Camping on the beach for  Hali is a constant battle with sand. But how can you enjoy the beach when you’re losing the battle, especially with me and Carlos? I like sand between my toes, so does Carlos. Carlos likes sleeping with his feet up, so do I. Who cares if there are four grains of sand on the van floor. We don’t. But Hali does, so there are rules: no shoes, flip-flops, sandy feet in the van. No feet on the bench seat!


Today Carlos has broken the rules and the battle continues. Technically though, his feet are NOT on the bench seat. Hali wins!


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