Wha’ SUP Woody?

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A big portion of road trippin’ is balancing our work load with recreation. Our recent two week vacation IN Lake Tahoe proves that point.

Within those two weeks, we’ve had smattering of friends and family visit, wish Arne a happy birthday, tell Arne stories, and laugh with us.

Entertaining guests, whether feeding them or providing them a bed, is a balancing act as well. You know, the too many cooks in the kitchen theory. So, I took it upon myself to stay out of the kitchen and IN the lake.

One of the cousins brought up a couple kayaks to explore the west shoreline of Tahoe and we also had access to a couple paddle boards. This is the entertainment portion…

The hike up to Quail Lake was a worthwhile trek even for old man Carlos. I didn’t bring my fishing pole down to the lake, but with a little down time, relined it and got it ready for its next big fish story. You know, about the monster cutthroat that got away.

P1010151 P1010153I’m still going to stay out of the kitchen-let the cooks do their job. I’m enjoying entertaining in the outdoors. Besides, it’s a bit too hot in the kitchen for soup.





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