We’re a Mile High

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Guess where we are? Hmmm. . . Looks like spring. Where are Hali & Woody?

When we were traveling with Carlos, we followed the the weather. We left sunny Florida three weeks ago and it was 90°. Thor (our van) hasn’t seen a hill or been in chilly weather in a year. Now he’s a mile high and in a few days heading west over the Rockies. We’re still following the weather, Carlos is in a small box in the van, and now he’s better than half-way home.

Denver typically gets an April snowstorm but not generally this late, April 29th. And we like it. Haven’t seen the white stuff for a while and what better place to see the snow this time of year than Denver, Colorado. A great five day stop over. Not sure what it is about Coloradans (wink, wink) but the people and pace of life here sure are cool.

Beer is typically in the top five for ‘things to do” in a town as we’ve criss-crossed the country, and Colorado has always been on our beer bucket list. After crossing the high plains of Kansas, we pulled up into this pizza and beer joint Hops & Pie. So good we’ve been twice only because we are in a very walkable neighborhood. It feels a bit like Portland.

We’re staying in the very hip and fitting Berkeley neighborhood on the NW side of town. It’s exactly what we expected for this part of the country: cool people, great beer, beanies, and springtime snowstorms. While Thor is on the mend, we couldn’t be happier spending a week here. Any longer and we’d begin to sense that we could become locals. Already know the Happy Hour specials and participated in the annual neighborhood pub crawl and street party-in a blizzard with my windbreaker and Florida flip flops. It’s frosty here, as I said before, we like it.

Downtown Denver is very walkable and pedestrian friendly.

After checking out the beer tour at Great Divide Brewery and chatting with a local in Jagged Mountain over a few pints we adventured over to the to the Denver Mint. We’ve never been in a money museum so we thought we’d see what $30 million in cash looks like. The museum was FREE and as an added bonus we were given about $165 in shredded money in this money bag as we exited heavy security of this mint. We left it with our Airbnb host as a parting gift. Thank you Phannie.


Denver has the outdoorsy feel where you feel the need take a hike, bike ride, or paddle before you tip back a pint of IPA. The slogan here is Earn Your Beer. Makes us feel we’re right at home.

A local street party, some live music, and a kombucha tap room. How cool is that? Coming from Florida, pretty cool.



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