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Sometimes, out of necessity, we need to check into a motel while on the road. In our three month road trip we’ve spent three nights in motels. Once the lakeside camping wasn’t available because the lake evaporated. That was in Susanville. In South Tahoe we checked into a motel in order to get Carli on a bus for the airport early the next morning  Driving to the central coast was our longest day on the road, about six hours, and we all needed a rest, including Thor. Checked into a Motel 6 just outside of Monterey.

The first two motels were nondescript, run-of-the-mill, family run, and cheap. Okay, they were divey but they accepted a pet~Carlos. Carlos doesn’t know the difference, he just needs a bed to jump on and water for our “thirsty boy”. A/C is nice but not required. All three had A/C, a bed, a shower and towels, but the Motel 6 surprised us.


Motel 6??

First off, Motel 6 had the brilliant idea to install nice veneer flooring. The floor felt great on the feet and has to be much easier to maintain than grimy, ugly carpet in most cheap motels.

Next, the room lay-out was modern with a touch of class. There was a neatly made queen bed, modern lighting, a cute office nook, and an updated vanity. The space had this sort of Feng Shui feel and look. A very comfortable overnight stay.


Thirsty Boy

One thing that has not changed at Motel 6 is the two small, stiff white bath towels and that little bar of soap wrapped up in blue with a red 6. For a low-end, pet-friendly motel we would choose a Motel 6 every time. Plus, we get the AAA discount.

Motel 6 Feng Shui??~~~Yes Way!


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