We Owned That Beach

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Lake Billy Chinook

Yesterday this lakeside beach was jam packed with early summer revelers. Today we own this beach. We took the shady trail for Carlos’ sake down to the day use area and instead of passing under the power wires strung with turkey vultures like long-sleeved shirts drying on a clothesline, we captured sight of a pair of regal bald eagles.

Tucked under a small juniper tree, we were within about thirty feet when we stopped, he spotted us, let us take a few photos then spread his majestic wings and swooped down towards the water then soared high into a crevice of the canyon wall. Not a single boat on the lake, besides the few loitering crows, it’s QUIET…


Lucky for us to have passed under the power lines, for now our gadgets are juicing up under the vacant picnic shelter. Our new camp is beautiful but is without electric, so this is a good opportunity to get recharged. With our grassy retreat just beyond the “No Dogs Allowed” sign, a dip in the cool lake, and a zip-lock baggy of “good boy” treats, Carlos will enjoy this hot day a bit more than hanging around our campsite as we shuffle our chairs from one shady spot to another.

While I’m on the subject of camp chairs, we recently acquired a used Coleman kickback lounger complete with beer pocket for FREE! This is a big deal because for months Hali was looking to buy a sturdy camp chair, bought one only to send it back, and settled for the el cheapo $9 camp chair I brought home from Fred Meyer.

I saw this Coleman chair standing next to a garbage can at the last campground on the river and decided to take a look. I suppose if one is quite large it could be difficult to get out of but for me it was perfect. So while we’re at camp reading, resting or just having a beer, we can both kick up our bare feet, shoot the breeze, and share the foot rest.

And while I’m on the subject of beer, yesterday we took down the shady boy, popped down the pop-up, and I zipped the eight miles into the small two market town of Culver to replenish our ice and beer supply. Picked up a couple ears of corn, a tomato, some ground beef, and are now we are good for a couple more days of camping.

After eight days on the road covering 200 miles, gorgeous Oregon landscapes, my new used camp chair, snacks and supplies just a short drive away, I think we can get used to this. I’m not sure if we’ll ever get used to the noisy, loitering crows. That’s okay, today WE owned that beach.


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  1. Rhonda

    Hi there! Wanted to come over and check out your blog after you commented on our dogs blog, The Black Dog Chronicles! We love Billy Chinook, sometimes even sneaking into the “no dogs allowed” area to swim 🙂 If Carlos would be interested in being part of Aspen & Porter’s Dogs on the Road series, please shoot me an email and I’ll email you over the questionnaire! Happy travels!


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