Warrior Rock

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Joined a bunch of retired or semi-retired guys on what has become a weekly hike. This hike was dog-friendly so we decided to tag along. I always figured that if it is a six mile hike Carlos in his younger days covered twelve miles, today maybe seven. Even so, for an old doggie he was a warrior despite his soreness the next day. Cure for doggone sore muscles~>a half Advil tucked into a cheese pocket.

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Warrior Rock

I’m not quite sure what the draw is for a lighthouse hike but, unlike a loop hike, on an out and back hike at least it’s a destination. The Columbia River is a major thoroughfare for cargo ships but with the longshoremen labor dispute traffic was light. The air traffic heavy with sand cranes, Canadian geese, snow geese, heron, and the usual songbirds.



Stopped in the tiny lumber town of Linnton at a bar &  grill aptly named, The Lighthouse, for two beers and a sandwich. The size of this sandwich could carry me over ’til tomorrow’s lunch but the dog was in the car and he was hungry. Doggy bag please.

Thanks guys. Please keep us in the loop for next week’s hike.

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