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If Frida Kahlo was the Queen of Passionate Self Portraits, her husband Diego Rivera was the King of Mural Art. Mural art wasn’t born in México but may have the best urban murals in North America.

In the Beginning. . . of mankind,

writing on walls was commonplace where cavemen carved out symbols in their caves. We call that cave art. Today, you see murals in every city center where art and its artists thrive. Some in the form of bad graffiti; some expressing political or social issues. Like any piece of art, it’s up to you to make your own interpretation.

Here in México are some of the best murals in the world. And although none of these murals were painted by Rivera, he was the Mexican Master of the Mural Movement.

Since our visit to the Kahlo exhibit in St. Petersburg, Florida, I’ve become fascinated with mural art. Art that goes back to before the stone age, back to my ancestry, the caveman. So I have an appreciation for good wall art and as you might have noticed, cavemen.

And who paints walls better than anyone? The great artists from Mexico. Diego Rivera comes to mind but here in Cozumel we have mural artists from all over the world. Here are a couple from Japan and New Zealand. The message might symbolize the protection of the natural habitat of the coral reef where 1/3 of the earths fish population lives.

In Cozumel you’ll find many murals with the underwater theme. With some of the best wall diving in the world, and thousands of tourist visiting the island everyday, the locals are trying to convey the spirit of the reef and how delicate its habitat is.

You’ll also find some of the most affordable seafood at any of the restaurants. Always my first choice off the menu. Last night it was grouper. Hali had shrimp. Plus the credit for these wonderful wall photos.

 Some of the wall art is so technical it appears to be a mosaic, like this one. . .

Not only are the Mexican people the best wall artists around, they love their VW’s in bright colors. I’m thinking Thor ought to plan a road trip down here for a new paint job. Imagine Thor with the God of Thunder theme: Viking horns, Valhalla, and lightning bolts.

And trust me, our neighbors to the south have their own problems, like building and maintaining infrastructure to support the millions of visitors each year which encourages a favorable tourism dollar. A walled North American border is of least concern for them. ¡Stupido!

Mexican murals are not art for art’s sake, this is art to remind us of what was here before us and what we hope is left behind. ¡Viva México!

The End

Playa Luna~Moon Beach


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