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By Woody Pope

Yesterday I cranked up my music compilation, grabbed the garden loppers , and went at it in the yards. My guilty pleasure~singing, while Edward Scissorhands-ing the shrubs.

As the clippings piled high, my token, completely silly, “escape” song played. Men at Work’s early 80’s pop song Down Under. I remember watching this video on MTV while in college and thinking, one day I want to go THERE and get me a Vegemite sandwich. Sounded so exotic. Here in Portland, they have yet to pull up a Vegemite sandwich cart.

Australia is probably the furthest we could travel in a single leg from the west coast. If I’m going that far, I’m gonna stay a while. Australia is nearly as large in area as the US. It’s so big, it’s its own continent.

Imagine being a foreigner wanting to explore the US in two weeks, a month, a year. Sure, maybe Los Angeles in two weeks. Oregon in a month is possible. A year? Yea, you could cover a lot of ground here in a year but merely scratch the surface. All the while, craving the Vegemite.

Dreaming Of Wallabies, Barrier Reefs, Slow Travel
(I believe I have swim trunks on??)

So as we contemplate our launch date, wallabies, barrier reefs, and slow travel, a trip to Australia seems to lure us.
Until then, my weekend afternoon yard work routine will keep me dreaming(and singing)of far away places.
Take me away, Men at Work…

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