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A month or so ago we downloaded the Uber app thinking that one day we might need it. Last Saturday night we needed it.

After signing the lease papers with the new tenants, Arne and Michelle wanted to treat us to a night on the town. Time to celebrate a job well done and almost more important, a job completed in a timely manner. Party on dudes, let’s go!!

Wait just a minute, did I say party? That’s right we were ALL going to party and that means we need a driver. Hello Uber.

We brought up the app, punched in our destination(downtown Ventura) and our ride, Emilio, was in front of our house in ten minutes with a Honda, Fit for four. No need to tell him where we were going, no need to hand over money, no need to tip. Another ten minutes we were downtown. Thanks Emilio! Total cost~$10.01.

This ride was actually FREE because we were given a $20 credit when we downloaded the app. And YOU can too. Stay tuned.



After a few hours at some of the hip spots in town, we were ready to get home. This time Arne insisted on a cab since there were two parked right in front of one of the bars.



Fifteen minutes later we were all home safe. Thanks Hector! Arne insisted on paying the fare~$12.52. He fumbled around for the bills, change, and tip before saying goodnight to Hector.

We all had a great time painting the town RED but if Arne wants to save some GREEN I suggested him try Uber next time. With this promo code: michaelp12254ue Arne and YOU will get $20 credit just for signing up. Ride On!



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