Two Good Words

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With the exception of this blog, these are two words that I’ll never use: Really and literally.

Really? The most uninteresting, overused adverb anyone could use. I used to read high schoolers’ essays and when I came across this word, I’d cross it out, circle it, and comment, Please come up with a better word! My theory on the word really is that good writers are creative and the word really lacks imagination. Period!! I’ll cringe when I see these words used consecutively, e.g., The puppy is really really cute.

Literally? This word is overly misused all the time. It was VP Joe Biden who famously used this word three times in one sentence, I am literally going to literally tell you what I literally mean to say. What did he just say? Good politicians talk like this. Good writers can write literally without spelling out the word literally. As a player and writer of words, I tend to write this way anyway, by using words in it’s most basic form.

Two Good Words

A Few Good Words

Carli was gifted this book back before she entered High School. She never read it, but I did. And here are two good words I use quite a bit but never spell them out: Alliteration and analogy.

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Two Good Words

Coincidently, these words are listed on the same page. No, not coincidentally, alphabetically(literally).

An alliteration is not only a joy to write, it is fun to read. It flows with the prose. Well, that’s a rhyme. Lucky for me, I’ve got an example of an alliteration from last weeks blog, Lucky Snake~~~> Carli and I often walk Carlos here amongst the foxgloves and wild berries and it is always a lucky day when we spot a snake sunning itself in the summer sun.

A good reader recognizes a good writers’ analogy. Here is an example of an analogy that gets Two Thumbs Up.

If I ever use the two bad words in my blog, please, please, please cross it out out, circle it, and comment, Please come up with a better word!

Thank You.(Analogy)

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