Tuna Melt?

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My take away from last weeks Florida visitor include the following observations…

First, it’s cold here.

Secondly, Carli packs like me on a one-way trip…the other way she packed two full bags. Why not? Bags fly FREE on Southwest. *See below~~>

photo copy 4

Third, she misses Carlos more than Dad’s home cookin’ and Mom’s non-stop huggin’. Besides fetchin’ a few of her favorite outfits, she was more interested in having sushi with her best friend Sarah and spoonin’ Carlos in bed.

photo copy 3

Her Little Mermaid Dress Flies FREE

And last of all, she shared her lunchtime menu routine. “Apparently” backstage in her work area is a Subway sandwich stall. Instead of getting her usual favorite, the tuna melt, the little mermaid conscious orders a turkey melt.

…Five Dolla…Five Dolla Foot Long(~*~*~*)

…One Fin…One Fin Foot Long!

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