Road Trip to Truckee

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Hali asked me to assist with the weekly newsletter since she will be busy with family during a reunion here in Truckee. The only parameters I had were to make it simple, and let the pictures do the talking. This week we have a collaborated effort:

Last week we were lucky enough to spend some time in Truckee, California. A reunion in the fun home of my cousin Sheryl. She has a super efficient, lodge-style cabin on a hill just above Truckee. The home is impressively designed to capitalize on the angle of the sun, it’s heated and cooled with use of different colored bricks, black slate, and the help of Mother Nature. The unique design has vertical lofts,

man looking up at lofts

Multi Loft Options

open gathering areas and sweeping views of the Sierras.

highlighted mountain

spot light, “on”!

Sleeps nine comfortably. (Let us know if you’re interested in their VRBO info!)


Donner Pass

We pulled in Sunday at 3pm and by 4:00, it was snowing. Welcome to Tahoe Donner…yep, we were treated to a mid-April snowstorm. The others, my brother and the cousins, will be here Wednesday.

snow on cabin

Pinnacle Perch

Would they be our rescue party?

waving down

We’re Here!

Only a couple miles away was where the Donner’s were snowed-in, one cold and snowy

Donner Pass Statue

Homage to the “World’s Worst Road Trip”

winter. Probably could be called the World’s Worst Road Trip~1846. 


BUT we weren’t gonna let the Donner’s hijack our road trip. We weren’t gonna party like it was 1846. We were here to celebrate a little family reunion.

picnic in snowy location

Brilliant Sky and Blinding Snow


As long as you plan it right, and don’t go looking for some untested shortcut, the Sierras offer so much for the outdoor enthusiast. Stir in a little family not like thaaat! I’m talking including family. There is something to do, for every level of outdoorsiness.

family photo on snowy hill


WAIT, Sheryl needs to be in this ALBUM SHOT

Don’t you love Photoshop?

Then again, with such a cool place to just

Silhouette of one cold blue jay

Silhouette of one cold blue jay

hang out, we could listen to some nice music, gawk at the views, bird watch,


play games and do puzzles. Sometimes all at the same time!

playing games and building a puzzle

Puzzle Game Time

This was the perfect spot for a reunion.

Even The Kids Loved It

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8 thoughts on “Road Trip to Truckee

  1. Audrey P Adams

    Perfect reunion trip. Thank you to everyone who came and especially Sheryl (and Scot) for sharing their fab cabin. Let’s find out what it is like there in the fall!!


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