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I used to be such a travel planner. I’d plan a trip from start to finish. Every detail. It was fun. Planning was just as fun as the trip itself. I’d call it Travel Planning 101. The Basics.

I’ve learned though, within the last few years, that strict travel arrangements can often hinder a trip. Travel is not perfect: Your flight is late, the Airbnb address is off a few blocks, the Louvre is closed Tuesday’s, your highly reviewed planned restaurant is “closed for the season”, etc. All of these bummer plans can distract from your trip. Time off the clock AND travel time is valuable.

Recently, when we are set on a date to fly on our next adventure, I only book a one-way airline ticket. It used to be that a one-way ticket was just as costly as a round trip ticket so it was obvious to book a round trip flight. But, you’d have to choose your return date. I don’t like to do that anymore because so much can happen in the “between” time. And, it turns out, one-way travel has become easier, and if you’re a savvy travel planner, can be less expensive. More money to spend on dishes you won’t find in the states. Oh, the joy of travel. . .

This is the advantage of being flexible with travel plans. . .

I had a low fare alert from my favorite “airline seat inventory” booking site Skyscanner. Seeing that I left the last half of this monthlong trip unbooked, I thought I’d put in an alert for low fares Nice-Athens or Nice-Croatia (Split or Dubrovnik). A couple days later I had an email with one-way, non-stop, mid-day, Sunday November 4th, flight on Aegean Airlines for $75. Including all taxes.

Within the hour I had the two of us flying to Greece. A two hour flight in economy class…

. . . First-class service.

Now we have fulfilled our Greece dream. Happy to say, we will be back!!

Can’t say enough about packing light. 

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