Three Memorable Meals

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It’s about the food…

a spot of tea at Queen of Tarts, Dublin
“Pinky’s up!”

Yes, the full Irish breakfast is just what it advertises. Eat it and you’re full. You’re now good until about three o’clock. Before dinner, but save some change and order from the lunch menu. You’ve seen the sights, walked the walked, it’s time for linner. Or is it dunch? No matter, I’m hungry.

Here is a sampling of my 3 memorable, month of May, meals.

Queen of Tarts across from the Dublin Castle. This tiny bistro has about eight two-seat tables and when the rain comes, a good place to tuck into. The chalkboard menu will have, tart of the day, soup of the day, and tea of the day. Yes, three o’clock, tea time. Hali had her heart set on the tart, I ordered the pannini and tea of the day. We both passed on the soup of the day, potato and leek. The tart was excellent, the cheesy pannini forgettable, but the tea made this meal memorable. Picture this, Woody having 2 cups of tea and a sandwich, pinky raised.

Goat Street Cafe in Dingle. Right up there on, you guessed it, Goat Street. I like daily specials and I didn’t pass this one up. Smoked white fish and mackerel, savory boiled potatoes, and a snappy veggie medley. Forget the standard fried fish and chips, this plate of fish was quite memorable.

J.J. O’Malleys in Westport. The dining room was opening in about 15 minutes so we stopped at the bar for a pint. We asked the bartender if he’d ever “Climbed the Reek” and what his favorite dish on the menu was. He had hiked Croagh Patrick, took him three hours both ways, and liked the ribs. Mmm… Ribs, more protein. Sounds grand. And they were. A half rack of meaty, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs, slathered in house-made sauce, piled high on mash. These ribs were good and gooey. No worries, I’ve got a warm finger wash and a stack of napkins. Another side of roasted potatoes, and finger lickin’ good asparagus. I finished and was full again.

I rarely take a photo of my food. I confess, I’m not a foodie. Face it, I eat with my mouth not my eyes. When traveling, I like a plate of food, it doesn’t need to be pretty. Fresh, local, and hearty will do. I’ve got to get up in the morning, strap on a pack and walk. My next meal might be an orange a a handful of pumpkin seeds. I can skip the fancy frilled pretty plate. I’m not taking a picture. I’m hungry. Besides, most likely, what I like, you won’t: smoked fish, braised pork, seafood chowder, calamari(otherwise known as pork bung-I heard this on This American Life, podcast it, very enlightening). Bon Appitite!

Okay, you insisted. I’ve washed my face, brushed and flossed. “Say cheese, Woody.”

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