Meet Thor’s Cousins

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Having been parked and tooling around Ventura for five weeks, Thor has become somewhat of a local. Almost everyday we get a ~Westy Wave~ from any one of Thor’s new friends.

Some of Thor’s cousins live here in a four block neighborhood of mid-town Ventura. VW vans and buses we see everyday on our twice daily dog walks. Like any cousin, each has it’s own personality and sex appeal. And like most van or bus owners, each has a story to tell. But beware, these stories can be gory.

There’s the confident cousin down the street who always gets up and goes without hesitation———–>


Not sure how local this fella is. He’s from the other side of the tracks, Ventucky. Completely rhinestoned in beer caps and bull horns mounted over the cab.


This is Ventucky van’s kissin’ cousin parked in front of those bully bull horns.



Aw she’s a brick house. She’s mighty mighty just lettin’ it all hang out


White collar worker. He’s off the curb at 7:30am and parked in the same spot by 5:30pm.

~~~Surf’s on Saturdays~~~


Older brother, younger brother parked curbside team up for family reunion adventures. Can you guess the younger brother’s name?



At the end of the street is this Westy with all the bells and whistles including a solar shower. This sexy gal struts all her stuff. Check out that black sports grill bra! Wow, look at that rack! If you’ve got it, flaunt it.


This dude always dresses up for Halloween. He gets the spirit award.

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Around the corner, this Australian mate rents out his rig for outback “kombi” adventures. Now that’s quite a road trip from these parts. Sign me up!


Steer clear and keep your distance from this chap. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and his belt could !SNAP! and go postal without warning.


Finally, there is the van parked behind an unkempt fence. Moss grows under its wheel wells. Tree limbs have fallen on its top.The bumpers have been bumped off. Too gory a victim of van abuse to publish a photo. Sorry? Yes, sorry for lack of a gruesome picture. Yes, sorry for the poor guy.

No worries, his day will come when he’ll, again, be proudly parked on this neighborhood street and tell his glorious story of rags to riches-Let’s Hope.

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