Thor Can Do It All

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When we moved from West Linn to Portland back in 2007, Hali vowed we’d hire movers for our next move. Well, in the past eight years we’ve moved three times and have yet to hire a mover. We’ve pared down so much, hiring movers just doesn’t make sense.

Last time we moved a half mile from one house to another in Portland, we moved an entire house in twelve hours for $77 with something like this…

FullSizeRender 3

Soon after we closed the deal on Carli’s townhouse in Florida, I was looking at renting a U-HAUL to move her. She had enough “stuff” to warrant renting a truck. I came up with the one tripper 17-foot van. They rent for $30 a day plus fuel, taxes, and .89 cents a mile. Might have set us back $100. But wait, we have a van. We have Thor.

This time we were moving about the same “stuff” in volume and but moving it 25 miles. The difference, we had a month. So why try to beat the clock and at the same time keep about $100 in my pocket, we did it in stages. Enter Thor, stage left. Thor does it all.

Every trip we took out to the new place we just loaded up the van. There was no dismantling of anything. We just put down the bench seat and loaded him up. This was the last load, Carli’s mattress and box spring. The captains chair and ottoman in which Carlos was in full control was just inside the slider door. With my co-pilot safely buckled in his captain’s chair we are ready for the 25 mile journey.

FullSizeRender 2

Since Hali had been back in Oregon while her mom recovered from foot surgery, Carli working 60 hour weeks, it was just Me and Carlos single handedly and four pawed making our move. We moved the 25 miles in ten days and with each trip out, Thor was fully loaded.

FullSizeRender 4

Then after we moved into Carli’s new house, Thor went back for more. Here he is fully loaded with 400 square feet of wood flooring. This thirty-year-old boy is a workhorse.


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