This One Hurts

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Hali’s grandma designed this stereo console back in the 50’s and her grandpa built it. Made of solid mahogany, the details and craftsmanship of this piece made it the centerpiece of our living room the past twenty years.


Vintage 50’s Craftsmanship

We had claimed this from Hali’s mom when she moved up to Oregon. Stored and neglected for several years earlier with a peeling, cracked finish and a couple loose screws, I brought this beauty back to its former glory and have showcased our fine music ensemble ever since.

We tried for months trying to keep this in the family: brothers, cousins, mothers and uncles. As much as they wanted it, it was also quite a beast for a small living lifestyle.

Just last week we were finally able to unload it. We sold it to a man who will feature his vintage stereo with three turntables and vinyl collection of 3,000 records. He was ecstatic to find this. It was just what he was looking for.


Musical Showcase

We both agreed that this fella will cherish this piece just like we did. For us, it didn’t hurt until the beast was hauled away.

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