This Old Bed

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This old bed was Carli’s bed growing up. Before that it was Hali’s Aunt Kris’ bed growing up. It’s a nice old bed: real wood, tiny wheels, ancient slats, four posts (well, three).

This Old Bed

Goodnight Old Bed

We said goodbye and goodnight one last time to this old bed today as it is going to be used in a little girls’ room once more. The wood is a bit warped, there are a few paint stains, the wheels a tiny bit rusty, and that darned post that I fixed numerous times broke trying to maneuver the headboard up to Carli’s room in the attic.

This old bed has been neglected down in our musty basement and we felt it needed to be respectfully treated in someone else’s home. Within a day, a lady came to pick up this old bed, fix it up, and put it back in it’s proper place~a little girl’s room.

And in return for this old bed~a jar of fig jam.

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