This Girl Works Her Tail Off

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I’m going to start with this, Carli loves her job. What’s not to love? She gets to dress up, smile, interact with guests, smile some more, and work at the most Magical Place on the Planet. No, that’s not right, The Happiest Place on Earth? No, I don’t think that’s right either. Let’s just say she works at the the Magic Kingdom. By George…

But she works her tail off. And yes, I’m going to say it… literally ( …so cliché Woody).


Look at her December calendar. She had three days off. I’m not talking three days plus weekends, holidays, inclement weather days, or Boxing Day?. Three random days. A Tuesday here, a Thursday there, the following Monday. Three days. That’s it! I know the folks back in Portland had three days off for “icy” roads this month. Crap! With the way the tourists drive around here Carli should be allowed a day or two off for “dicey” roads. And to top it off, one of her three days off was spent at work workshop. One was spent at an audition. Her last day off she spent at the dentist.

November she had four days off. In two months, seven days NOT at the Magic Kingdom. She was even smiling all day long two of those seven days while taking me and Hali around Epcot and Animal Kingdom.


The Hollywood Tower Hotel~The Tower of Terror

Her typical day has her leaving the house for a ten mile commute at 6am and getting home for dinner at 6:30pm. Granted dinner’s ready, her lunch packed for the next day, the dog is walked, and the oil changed in her car, but that is a LONG day.

But she never complains. Never. Like I said, she loves her job and she refuses to complain. And today her hard work and was finally recognized by none other than MICKEY MOUSE. Yep, she was surprised in the grotto by several Disney managers with balloons, a movie pass package, and this wonderful Certificate of Honor, the Spotlight Award.


There was no Clark Griswald “slap in the face, where’s my bonus, what’s this jam of the month club?” tantrum. No not this princess, Carli politely accepted this MAJOR award, smiled for the camera, finished off her box of junior mints back in the break room, and was ready for her next set thirty minutes later. No stopping that smile. She was honored.images

This Thursday, her only day off this week, she is treating me to a movie date: two small boxes of popcorn, two small fountain drinks, and two tickets to STAR WARS. This is going to be awesome! We never get popcorn and soda at the movies. And I’m NOT complaining, but small popcorn and small fountain drink?  C’mon MICKEY, Carli works her tail off! Oh yeah, and by the way MR. MOUSE, thanks for the SMALL box of junior mints. Those are Carli’s favorites.

Oh Boy, is this gonna be FUN! Happy New Year!! AND, May the FORCE be with you. Well okay, and MICKEY too.








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