Third Spot

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It took me three weeks until I finally found me third spot in Grover Beach (Crap! I’m sounding like Popeye). A place called Sylvester’s Burgers~Big~Hot~Juicy. I had the spinach burger. Carlos, the hot dog. Unfortunately we’ll be heading south before next Tuesday.

Not only are their burgers big, hot, and juicy but there’s something on the menu for everyone with soups, salads, sandwiches, and the juiciest of all~Tightwad Tuesday! A pint of good craft beer for a mere $2 bill. I just had to send my gang of “tightwadders” back in Portland this photo…


Thirsty Boys

Me and Carlos, Tuesday afternoon drinkin’ beer on the patio for a Jefferson. Couldn’t come up with a $2 bill but was happy to throw in a Lincoln for two Jeffersons plus the tip. Hey, it’s called “Tightwad Tuesday” for a reason.

Here’s to us Tightwads at our rediscovered “third spot”~~clink, clink!!

Bottoms up Boys.

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