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I recently admitted that I’ve never read the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. I’ve also recently visited Harry at Hogwarts in Universal Studios. Harry didn’t impress, but ButterBeer did.

I just can’t get ButterBeer out of my head. At $10 a pint, Mr. ButterBeer has struck a gold mine with his golden creamy brew. That got me thinking. Then got me writing, and just like those who may be reading this, I fell asleep…Then I had a Homer Simpson-like dream~~~


Moe’s Tavern

Next thing you know W. Pope has a Best Seller and WoodyWorld is dreamed up. A wonder by wonder theme park complete with a BeerButter bar. That’s right! Butter that spreads over toast and tastes like beer that you can get at any bar, like Moe’s Tavern. Moe’s Tavern and beyond. ButterBeer at breakfast. ButterBeer at Brunch. ButterBeer at supper. ButterBeer at lunch.


I see a whole new world… WoodyWorld! (Please, don’t hold your breath, these things take time). And as long as we’re having breakfast, PLEASE pass the BeerButter! Breakfast of Champions!

Ahem…clink, clink, clink…may I have your attention Woody(since you’re the only one dreaming). Let’s toast to toast, Breakfast of Champs.

Here’s to BeerButter~spread the love.

Let’s eat! So as long as I’ve got the BeerButter on my knife, please pass the buns.

W. Pope, Woody, Woody, Wake the heck up! It’s time to go! Time to catch the train to Hogworts.


Duffman says, Dang Dreamland! Fantasy and Fairy Tales? Oh yeah.

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