The Woody

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Remember the Seinfeld episode where this guy, Jimmy, talks about himself in the 3rd person? Jimmy likes it, Jimmy is pretty sweet on Elaine, Jimmy would like to get to know you, etc. I kinda do the same thing with my bike, The Woody.

The Woody has been to some fun and exciting places.

The Woody likes to cruise.

The Woody’s got some nice treads.

The Woody doesn’t like the snow.

The Woody

The Woody…

All right Woody! Annoying Woody!! Shut up Woody!!!

…If anyone gets sweet with The Woody, it’s not for sale.

Not yet!

About Woody

The travel bug is contagious. I caught it in 1985 while traveling with Hali on a three month backpacking trip through Western Europe. Having a passion for geography, local history & culture, and with a journal in my back pocket, I hope to share our experiences through this blog – whether traveling the well worn rail, or off the beaten trail.

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