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Last week we had the opportunity to camp along the “Space Coast” of Florida. This is the hundred mile stretch of beach adjacent to Cape Canaveral. The place “to be” to witness any of the rocket launches in Florida or just to enjoy the great beaches, the stars and planets, and the bird or marine life this part of the Atlantic Coast offers.

Since the shuttle program has been retired a few years now, and funding for NASA is not what it used to be, there has been a newly revived “Space Race” along these shores. Private enterprises like Boeing and space start-ups like SpaceX and Blue Origin have entered the competition to launch a man back up in space and perhaps to Mars, the Red Planet.


Cape Canaveral is a short 50 mile ride from Orlando so catching a launch MUST BE on our bucket list. In the mean time, we decided to scout the ideal campground just across the Indian River from these launch pads to view one of these rocket launches. Our scout, and future astronaut Carlos, has chosen the county park of Manatee Hammock. As the crow flies, just a couple miles from Rocketville.


If you’re lucky enough to camp here for any extended period of time, your chances of seeing a launch are pretty good. We met many campers who were doing just that. I think we saw license plates from every state including a contingent from the Great Northwest.


Dreaming of that campground in The SKY…


Woody’s Entertainment System



Today the Space Coast of Florida is alive and well, and we’re happy to be a part of it.



Hali’s Entertainment System



AND as long as our little rocketman is alive and, well, old and retired, we’re taking every moment to enjoy him as well. For now, Carlos is our well grounded spaceman.

Sometime though, in the near future, he will have a stand-by one-way seat on a SpaceX rocket. Our Brave Boy of adventure and exploration.

The countdown has begun and HIS race is over… BUT our journey here on OUR Great Mother Earth continues… at least until Carlos eats his plate of cheeseburgers (still on his bucket list).

Then it’s just a matter of Father Time


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