The Sherpa

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One piece of camp gear we bought second hand for this road trip is this…


The Sherpa. It’s the handiest space saving camp table this side of the Willamette.

It’s made by Camp Chef of sturdy canvas with rugged zippers and handles on each side for easy lightweight handling.The folding hard table top tucks into a zippered pocket in the back. In the front are four labeled, zipper pockets which can stow away anything you might use in your camp kitchen. One of the pockets are lined so that you can use as a sink or cooler. That one we use for “this and that.” The legs telescope out about a foot to allow you to fit this at the end of the picnic table at your campsite. Or keep the legs in and you’ve got a coffee table. You can organize however you please. This is my preferred method…


The Sherpa

Fits inside the van perfectly allowing for ample storage in the van cabinets for other camp items. When we reach camp, this is the first piece of equipment I whip out, pull it’s legs, and set at the end of the picnic table. If the camp picnic table is situated in the blaring sun, this handy little table can be instantly moved under the Shady Boy awning. Viola! Instant camp kitchen for the camp chef.

I spent an hour trying to find out where this fine quality piece of camp gear was made. There are no tags, no made in__?__ on the one page instructions, no Amazon details about the manufacturer. All I could find out was it is imported- perhaps Nepal?

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