The Missing Case

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I don’t find this story that irresistible or compelling but maybe coincidence and happenstance…

A couple months ago Hali and I took my mom to lunch in Morrow Bay. We had a table dockside on the harbor. I had oysters, Hali fish tacos, and my mom ordered clam chowder. On the railing above the stage where the musician was packing up his gear was a little case. Hali opened it and inside were sunglasses. She asked the music man and the people at the table next to us if they belonged to them. Nope, not ours. Now it became a case of finders keepers. So Hali took them home. I’ve been wearing them all summer.


Then last week while waiting for the Surfliner train at the Grover Beach station, I saw a pair of sunglasses staring me down on the platform. I picked them up, looked at them, and realized I had dropped them. Nope, mine were on my face. These are the exact same sunglasses Hali had found in Morrow Bay. Since I was the only one at the station at the time it became another case of finders keepers.

Now Hali and I have the same, made in Italy, Nike Windstar sunglasses. His and hers.

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