The Mighty Manatee

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Back in November we camped in our first Florida Gulf Coast campground, Manatee Springs. The springs were beautiful but it wasn’t quite cold enough for the manatees to come visit.

Back in February we camped in an Atlantic Coast campground, Manatee Hammock. Still no manatees. BUT we did learn what a hammock is.

manatees at Blue Spring

Finally, after visiting St. Augustine, we heard of a state park we’ll be passing on our way home where we might catch a glimpse of the mighty manatee, Blue Springs. Blue Springs did not disappoint. It was a gorgeous day, lots of people enjoying the park, and there were a couple dozen manatees in the springs.

These huge docile beasts are not particularly “Flipper Fun” to watch. They are actually quite dull. Like a bump on a log.

Momma & Baby Loaf - no cute factor!

Mama and her calf

Nonetheless, our quest to see these elusive creatures is over. Our “Big Year” continues though as we are constantly on lookout for another native Florida bird to check off our official “Wings Over Florida” checklist.


Nope, Non-Native


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