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The end of the Camino DeSantiago

¡Al fin!

I started this blog while wandering around Spain and just got around to adding some pics and pushing the publish button.


Not sure if anyone has noticed but Hali has been doing most of the blog posts for the two months of travel in Europe (See losing your computer on an airline). Yeah, I proof her writing and photos, which are both great, but in order to keep us moving, I have been behind the scenes making arrangements. When you’re traveling as a tourist and feeling your way around transforming into a local for a few days the three R’s come into play: research, reviews, and response. That is why travel is NOT vacation.

We tend to travel on high-end shoestrings.Typically we know where we’ll be at least three days in advance. That means we might have an idea where we’d be in a week but generally are looking ahead three days for about a three day stay. On occasion, a week long stay is granted. Then I need to coordinate the logistics of the train or bus schedules and where the stations are in relation to the local action and sights. Now, I can take a look at booking a place. On this trip it’s been mostly through Airbnb with a couple hostels thrown in for good measure. Meaning we still can travel like we did 30 years ago. 

This means homework. When moving onward to the next city, I start out by mapping out our best location. Location is key.  Closest to the tourist sights and transportation hubs. Then I look at price and reviews. Price + Reviews= Value. I like 4 1/2 stars and above. And there are always several of those within our price range. When I narrow it down to two or three I just go with gut. It works! I’ve done this enough times to arrange the perfect spot for us with the best value.

Cooking Class, Barcelona

In the two months of traveling we’ve stayed in three hostels, two hotels, two overnight bus rides, and seventeen Airbnb’s. Staying with locals is a perfect fit for us. The beauty of Airbnb is that we are also reviewed as guests. That makes sense for the host. They too want to share their home with 4 1/2 star guests. Every one of our host reviews are five stars with the exception of our Seville hosts. For some odd reason she gave us four stars.

So, as plotting the itinerary is what fuels our travel, the back stories are what keeps us moving. Despite the setbacks, like loosing your computer for three weeks, this is the joy of travel.

Hali, she carries the camera. Woody, the journal. In a pinch, we collaborate on these blogs. When it comes to where we’ll view our daily photos, read or write reviews, lay our head down at night, or even plan daily activities, Woody is the one.

The reason why Hali goes with the Itinerary Guy.

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