The Iron Range

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POLKA Sunday

Folks up here in the northern most regions of Minnesota are a bit of a Norse/Slavic tribe of their own. Ever listen to A Prairie Home Companion radio show? Tales From Lake Wobegon? It’s pretty much like that here. My favorite show, I think they do it once a year, is the joke show~Spicy~Zany~Ribald(?)~Salty~Rare~

Ribald? You're Joking!

Ribald? You’re Joking!

Karl: Ole, Do you wake up grouchy?
Ole: No, I let her sleep.

The Slogan Ole has on his bulletin board at home:

Maybe it’s the iron ore dust in the mines, the clean water, or the loons that makes them that way. I’ve got uncles that worked the iron mines. They love it up here, the great outdoors: hunting, fishing, canoeing. And on Sundays, it’s POLKA!

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Na Zdravie!!

Couldn’t miss POLKA Sunday. I just had to Czech it out.

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