The Handiest Tool In The Box

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When we downsized, we meant it. After doling out 35 years of our belongings whether by selling them or trusting them with the good homes of friends, we were left with our “stuff” fitting into a SMARTBOX: 5′ by 8′ by 7′. And boy was that box packed piece by piece like a jigsaw puzzle-SMART! Couldn’t even fit a screwdriver into the tightest space.



Back To The Future Graffiti

That’s okay, I only need 4 screwdrivers. Two of each: Phillips, slotted. I believe at last count I had over 100 screwdrivers of all shapes and sizes. That goes for hammers as well. I went from 16 hammers to this two-in-one hatchet. Splits wood and hammers just like an ordinary framing hammer. Think about it, how many hammers does the DIY guy need? Me, this camping hatchet does the trick.


Wow! New Carpet in the Van.

So most of the tools I have now fit in this box. No more power tools, no wood carving tools, no drill bits. Four screwdrivers, a hatchet, some automotive tools, and an assortment of handy-dandy gadgets.

That gets me to my point. There is one tool I use on a daily basis that I like to keep around. Last count, 32 of them. We packed our treasured bottle opener in the SMARTBOX, the rest are in the van. The coolers, Sherpa, glove box, key ring, emergency key box, packs, stove top all have an opener clipped to each. There’s even one tooling around in my tool box.

P1020554No need to search high and low for that elusive bottle opener in times of thirst. Best of all, they all do the trick.


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