House On The Hill

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Hali was not just a part of this gang but also the photographer. I don’t remember the occasion only that it was in a lovely house on the hill south of “The City” ( San Francisco). I do remember the view looking east towards the bay spectacular. I’m betting it was a PJ party. PJ loves parties and these gangstas love to party too… Red Solo Cup…

image1 3

San Carlos California, Circa 1989

 Well, who do we have here, this band of buddies?

  • Murray~The Thinker
  • PJ~The Ringleader
  • A~The Tall, Lanky One~had a cat named Fonzie
  • Woody~The Gagster
  • Zan~With the tidy, freshly pressed Polo
  • Zibbs~Buckhorn Boy
  • Bob~Budster

Hey, the gang’s all here.

Wait a minute! Where’s Gerard? Gee Whiz! I wonder?

He must have pulled a “Gerard”.*

*Pulling a Gerard in gang slang: leaving the party early without saying goodbye. Somewhat of a Party Pooper. Nonetheless, a proud member of this gang.

A toast to these fine young men and the photographer~taken from the 1989 Film of the Year, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…

Be excellent to each other ANDParty on Dudes!!

20141018091249558_0001 3

Hali, Circa 1969

When you’re with this bunch, you’re in good company.

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