The Funny Farm

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Capturing the beauty of Central Oregon in the fall is best expressed on the hiking trails. This time of year the fall colors are revealed along the Deschutes River as we wonder through the high desert landscape.

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Today it’s just me and Carlos on the trail as we dodge the fallen cones from the lumbering ponderosa pines. The only rules: cleanup after your dog and stay on the trail. Well, I know this trail pretty well so we strayed from the beaten path and moseyed into this place…

 The Funny Farm.


Now, I’ve been to a Funny Farm before and have the socks to prove it, but not only is this a real farm but it’s also pretty funny. Imagine The Wizard of Oz meets the bowling ball breeder. Yup, our trail soon became the yellow brick road as we meandered through dozens of works of art constructed with bowling balls. We were even lucky enough to spot a twister in the field of bowling balls, though I’m pretty sure it was just a dust devil.


Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road. Follow, follow, follow, follow…

The farmer here sure has a hankering for the funky. We walked past a flying cow, a heart shaped pond, live turkeys, poetry, and more bowling balls that you’d ever imagine. No joke!


I’m not sure if Carlos enjoyed this farm, but I did. The old guy that runs this place might consider repainting the barn and change up the name to something that is probably more fitting. How about…

The Funky Farm

Admission to The Funny Farm is by donation, so go ahead and stuff a few bucks into the holes in the bowling ball at the entrance but…

 Beware~~~> Attack Cat

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