The Cat is Chasing Rover

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My Rover community gate has been temporarily CLOSED. No need to panic, it’s not the flu or virus going around. Nope, there’s a cat in the house, nothing CATagious! Just a matter of a Disney cast member in a Disney World of disarray. While waiting out the turn of events with the coronavirus in Asia, Carli, Devon and Turtle, the cat, are awaiting news of what to do next.


Turtle is making himself at home. Chasing lizards in the back patio is new to him, new to me, and certainly new to the lizards.

Before they arrived, I agreed with a Rover client to watch Cash, one more time. Cash is 17 years and 1-month old. That’s 120 in dog years! With the cat and dog here in close quarters, I suggested Cash might chase the cat, a feeble hop, just for an instant. Then we all howled in laughter. You see, Cash has DOGmentia, stiff joints, and bowel issues. She’ll wander around the back patio, lizards biting her paws, and stare at the fence until she falls over, then poop. That’s when I bring her in and put her in a dog diaper, then into her bed. Funny how that works, 120 dog-years old! Her outlook is day-to-day.

Up Next

So, today we are setting out on a family road trip through the Carolinas into Virginia. Carli and Devon will finally see Staunton, VA. They’ll be married in this historic Main Street America town next year. Time to take in what Staunton has to offer and scope out prime photo opportunities. The eight hour leg from Savannah to Staunton will provide ample time to storyboard an upcoming video.

We’ll get to meet Devon’s family in Manassas, then the two of them branch off and head home. Hali and I will journey around another couple weeks before heading back to Florida. Hard to believe that of all the travel I’ve done, I’ve never been to our nation’s capitol, Washington DC. A week early for the cherry blossoms, but the National Mall, monuments, all the Smithsonian exhibits, and HOPE for a new resident at that white house atop the hill, are all there for our inherent pleasure. Something more exciting to write about than cats and dogs.

But before that, I will bid farewell to my old-lady-friend Cash, as I’m certain she won’t make it much past spring. Turtle, on the other hand, will be around while Carli and Devon work through their work/stay/travel predicament.

Love sign

For us, with the current travel restrictions, we’ll take it week-to-week.

Come spring, our Rover gate will possibly OPEN up again. And travel plans outlined for the summer and fall.

Thanks for following, not too close, AND Happy Travels!

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  1. John Stipan

    Sending LOVE from our family to yours Woody! Only the best wishes for Carli & Devon! Blessings Only for them, and for you & Hali,


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