The Big Day

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Despite being “homeless”, we still consider Portland, Oregon our home. There are many reasons for that. Most notably is that we’ve spent half our lives here.

Hali and I moved up here from the Silicon Valley back in 1990 and pretty much said good-bye to California. Don’t get me wrong, we still love the Golden State and visit every chance we can, but our roots are just not there.

In Oregon, we are lucky enough to still have good friends and family and are especially fortunate to have a place to park the van and lay our heads down at night. We’re at Emily’s!

Emily and I worked together at PDX and at the same time both Hali and Emily were expecting a child. This was back in 1992 and our girls were born six weeks apart. Ever since, we’ve considered ourselves “family”. So what a better opportunity to spend the summer in Portland while Emily prepares for a wedding. Lucas, her son, was getting married!

So, as Lucas has been a big part of our little family, we feel grateful to be a part of his big event and a part of Emily’s big wonderful family for all these years.disney goofy

These kids have grown up right before our eyes and it’s been quite an extraordinary journey.

We’re so proud of what this well-rounded young man has become and we’re looking forward to the best years of his life with his new and beautiful bride, Abby. Congratulations!

The Big Day for Lucas and Abby. A Family Affair we will always remember.

Megan, Carli, Ella, Greta

Thank you Emily, Lucas, and Sarah for sharing your home, family, and BIG DAY with us. Forever Thankful.

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3 thoughts on “The Big Day

  1. Sarah McAdams

    That’s a really large photo of me!! Thank you for being my pseudo-dad and Hali my pseudo-mom! This wedding could’ve NEVER gone off so beautifully without you both!!

    Really cute photo of Hali and Mom :))


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