Texas BBQ

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We all know that everything is BIG in Texas but what we were not expecting was the size of a sample. Take for example Texas BBQ.

We were on day two driving through Texas and only half way through the state. Stopped in the “heartland”(the mid-section) of the Lone Star State along Route 84 where it intersects Interstate 20-Sweetwater.  Tired and hungry, we were all craving a taste of Texas BBQ.

Hali and I ordered a BIG baked potato with all the fixin’s, then topped with BBQ brisket. We both shared a southwest salad topped with brisket. There was no skimping on the meat. In fact, we asked our server if we could get a sample piece of brisket for our dog who was waiting patiently in the van while whiffs of meat wafted from the kitchen into Carlos’ sniffer.


They generously obliged with a “yes ma’am” and put this Texas-sized meat sample in a to-go box for Carlos. We thanked her and carried out this heavy “doggie bag” out to Carlos.

After salivating like Pavlov’s dog as we opened the box, Carlos’ first thought must have been “Boy, that FREE little sample is the shape and size of Texas. Let’s eat! And, “I’ll never mess with Texas. I promise. Thanks Ma’am.”


It is true, everything is BIG in Texas, including a bite-sized sample. Chomp, chomp, chomp. And the breakfast of champs, a Texas shaped waffle. Chomp, chomp, chomp…


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