Texas Bar-B-Que

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My next door neighbor moved from Texas to Portland five years ago. I swear he was salivating over the spilt sauce that covered the grill of my Char-Broil grill set out on the driveway for our yard sale. You see, I grill maybe three times a week from May to October. I’ve even been known to grill during snow storms. And I will share a little secret I make my neighbors salivate on those days my BBQ is fired up.

A couple minutes after igniting the grill, when it’s just getting warm, I throw in a small handful of whatever seasoning, marinade, or rub over the grill just to let anyone within aroma distance know exactly what’s for dinner at the Pope’s.

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What’s For Dinner At The Pope’s

So my neighbor offered me two dollars for the grill. I know Texas is another country  but C’mon man, two dollars? This guy should know the value of a dollar. He handed over the two dollars and I pushed the BBQ from my side of the driveway to his. SOLD!~$2

I explained that I had just filled the tank, there were a couple BBQ tools, and a cover. All this for two dollars!! He told me he had a high end Weber that rusted after a couple years up here. I asked if he kept it covered. He didn’t! “Dude, I know you like your BBQ in Texas but this is Oregon. That cover will double the life of that grill.” I don’t think he cared less, he got my old backyard grill for just for two dollars.

“Woody, what were you thinking?” Hali screamed. I told her that we’d never get that darn  BBQ in the box and he gave me two dollars.

Just so happens these two dollars are 1881 & 1882 Morgan silver dollars. “These small silver pieces will fit nicely in that storage box.“, I told Hali. I sold my entire coin collection a while back and these little coins today are more valuable, to me, than a BBQ you can get on sale this Memorial Day already assembled for $159.*

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I felt I little bad for my Texan neighbor with his old rusty Weber. After pushing my grill into his backyard,  I told him to put the old one on the curb for scrap. Then I divulged my seasoning secret and told him the neighbors will continue to salivate long after I’m gone. Especially the Pavlov’s next door.

* DIY BBQ assembly is part of the grilling experience. Just keep a fire extinguisher close by.

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