Talkin’ Turkey

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The day after Halloween we went up to hear Rick Steves talk about Turkey. No, he wasn’t preparing his Thanksgiving menu but instead he shared his experiences on where east meets west~in Turkey.

First stop, we whet our appetites with Dave Hoerlein talkin’ tapas in Spain and Portugal. I was particularly excited to see Dave speak because it is Dave who creates the maps in Rick Steves’ guide books. I buy Rick Steves’ books not only for his travel wisdom but for the city maps. Dave, an architect by design, draws maps with the perspective of landmarks: train station, cathedral, main square, river, bridge. Pretty simple to follow by looking around at your surroundings rather than looking down, face first in a map or gps. Perfect, there’s the BIG church with the main square adjacent. Let’s head in that direction.


So Dave gave us the lowdown on a few places we might include in our Spain/Portugal itinerary. In addition, a few good words. Always hola and gracias, plus digame ( talk to me). The Portuguese and Spaniards don’t care for small talk, just let them know what you want or what you’re looking for~ digame.

Then Rick started talkin’ Turkey. The secular, pluralistic, very proud Turks are warmly receptive for a welcome. Sit down with Mustafa and play a round of backgammon. Follow along on a party to celebrate a ceremonial circumcision. For God’s sake, and Allah’s too, eat a doner kebab.

Later on, we can talk about the Thanksgiving menu. Dave furnishes the tapas, Rick the Turkey, and Woody the corn thang~ digame!


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