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How many of you out there name their cars? How many out there read this blog? A show of hands please. None? Wow, big mistake. When it comes to resale, if your car, van, or scooter has been named it is treated differently by potential buyers. And here’s proof…

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Back in 2005, we bought this 2002 Honda Accord from a guy selling his elderly mother’s car. A week later Hali called the guy back and asked what his mother’s name was because Hali loved the car and wanted to pay tribute to such a wonderful vehicle taken away from who was probably a wonderful mother. So for the last ten years our Honda has been “Betty”.

We have a folder with all the maintenance records titled “Betty”. Yeah, good maintenance records help but when you put a name on them, that car of yours is much more. Betty becomes part of the family. Sure, she might be “older” but she’s got personality. She’s got what it takes to keep a family coming and going: rain or shine, dog in the middle, long road trips, Betty was always there.

So this week I priced our ” well maintained, low milage ” Honda for sale and in a day had quite a bit of response. Three test drives, two offers, and before the third offer came in got an offer from a guy buying a car for his sister. While we were test driving the car, I asked him if his car has a name. He said, ” Yeah, it’s Tiffany”. So I told him the long history of Betty.

His first offer was good but not at the price point I wanted,  so he walked. An hour later I get this message…

“With buying a car that old, who owned it is just as import ant as other factors, and I got the feeling you’ve taken great care of Betty. I’ll have my sister coordinate picking her up. Thanks again.”

My reply, “ Hey thanks, I appreciate that. Yes, I’m a gentle driver, keep good records, and maintain a good car that you will have in a Honda. And no, I’m not a used car salesman, up until today.”

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Well Maintained, Low Miles

Betty is gone. Where gonna miss her. She’s been safe and reliable on every twist and turn of the road. But Betty has now been adopted by a new family and has many more miles(and years) ahead of her. “Take care of Betty… Betty will take good care of you.” I told the new owners as we shook hands and they drove off. “Your in good hands with Betty”, I said to Carlos as she rounded the corner.

Hali claims he came up with the better offer just to shut me up. Hey, when you become a used car salesman for a day, anything helps.

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