Barrier Islands of South Carolina

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Thor, our van’s namesake, just made it through the most wicked thunderstorm he’s ever been in. Actually, it was just as wicked for the the three of us. We heard it coming from miles away. Just as we put away our dinner dishes, finished our evening stroll, the wind picked up and the rain a came. Then some chick pea sized hail. Huffed Carlos into the van, opened the rear hatch, and enjoyed the show.

This wasn’t the lightning where you’d say, “Did you see that?” pointing with both hands. No, this was constant and not in one direction but a 360° panorama of relentless thunder and lightning. The silhouettes of the trees: pine, palmetto, magnolia, and live oak would light up in a strobe effect from all sides in the brief moments of darkness.IMG_1245

The storm went by us in about an hour. Thunder was no longer local. Thor was silent. The show went on as it continued his fury moving offshore into the wide open waters of the Atlantic in a dark, moonless sky. Truly awesome.


Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, captivated our attention last night for several hours. Better than any episode of Game of Thrones. AND that’s taking another stab at Jon Snow from the Night’s Watch.

Thor lives on. Now, what about Jon Snow? Tune in next week.

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