Sushi With Judy

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We hadn’t planned on sushi in San Diego but it makes sense. Here we are, adjacent to the sea, plenty of fish, and we’re hungry. So why fuss with cookin’ it, let’s eat!!

Looked up cousin Judy and she asked if we like sushi. My response, Yea, if we’re hungry enough. It so happens Judy does sushi once a week at her favorite sushi joint and we were hungry, so sushi it was. After several rolls and heaps of raw fish, this sushi did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, it was delicious. Add to that a couple saki’s and boy, was I stuffed to the gills.

Sushi and Saki With Cousin Judy

Sushi and Saki With Cousin Judy

Next day, just by happenstance, while pedaling through Ocean Beach around lunchtime a sandwich board catches my eye, $2.50 pints IPA All Day Tuesday- U-Turn time. Locked up the bikes, went in, and sat at the bar. We were hungry and thirsty.

No, this wasn’t your ordinary burger joint baiting us with beer, this was a sushi joint. Yes, a real live sushi bar, in fact, called The Joint.


The Signature Roll~~~ The Joint

And The Joint did not disappoint. Neither did the bar bill.

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