Surf City

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When Surf City showed up on the North Carolina map, we had to go. I’ve always wanted to go to Surf City. I actually thought it was just a mythical city that the Beach Boys sung about…

I bought a ’34 Wagon and we call it a Woodie
Surf city, here we come
You know, it’s not very cherry, it’s an oldie but a goodie
Surf city, here we come
Well, it ain’t got a backseat or a rear window
But it still gets me where I wanna go

Unlike the fraternity party we ran into down in Myrtle Beach, Surf City is a throwback beach town reminiscent of Santa Cruz forty years ago. Interestingly enough the Beach Boys were one of the hottest bands at that time AND both Santa Cruz and Surf City run along Highway 17 on opposite ends of the country.


Pulled into a family run campground, since 1961, right on the beach. In 1961, this campground was a few miles out of town. Now it’s nestled in between two rows of beach houses. In 1961 the Beach Boys were one of the hottest bands and they’re still around. Only I’m not sure how hot they are anymore but I can imagine the Beach Boy’s Surf City  is still popular around here.


Surfer Dude

The groovy town of Surf City has that nostalgic feel of summers on the beach. The old boardwalk lined with surf gear, souvenirs, postcards. Seafood shacks serving up oyster po’ boys on picnic tables dot the end of the pier with fresh fish just off the boats. An awesome arcade scattered with children and dog-friendly photo ops make me feel like a kid again and with Carlos in tow, he’s rippin’ it up.


Boy, I’m not sure a couple days here in Surf city is enough. I could spend a month here. A month or an endless “mythical” summer.




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