The Summer of Maribel

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I cannot believe it’s September already. The Summer of Maribel is winding down. This week we fly her “on vacation” to Philadelphia. We’ll spend a few days celebrating Ben Franklin, American history, and Maribel.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride since we arrived mid-May. But in every way it’s been a summer to remember our time with Maribel. We knew her time here in Glen Ellyn was limited, and it was necessary to create an outline for Maribel –  to help write her next chapter.

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Maribel is very agreeable as long as we don’t talk about “plans” in her presence. Catherine, on the other hand, has a hard time letting things go. Since Maribel is NOT a “thing,” this process has been exceptionally painful. If dealing with early onset Alzheimers is complicated, tack on a divorce after 22 years and it’s like the three of us hunkering over the kitchen table piecing together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

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The day we escaped with 20 seconds to spare!

Every window we can capture, we’d pow-wow with a plan that has been in constant motion. Catherine is a micro manager, who has difficulty with compromise. Hali is the consummate diplomat. Woody just wants to “get this done!” All of us want this to go as graciously and humanely as possible. There’s no question, Maribel needs to be in a care facility where she can get the full care and professional attention she needs and deserves. That has been OUR goal for two years.


The Plan

This week our ever-evolving plan will unfold. Maribel’s daughter will be taking over for us. She will be close by, the grandchildren will visit, and Maribel will be in a place where she will be taken care of. Yes, it will be hard to let go, for all of us, but Maribel will be near family and friends. Something we’ve nurtured for two years.

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For all of us, we will publish this final chapter of this incredible heartfelt story. Something we can all talk fondly about next year as the Summer of Maribel.

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  1. Sheryl Chapman

    I feel for you guys going through this transition with Maribel. So heartbreaking to move someone you care about to a facility. I admire you both for taking the time to help a person in need. xoxoxo


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