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Since middle school, I don’t think I’ve had my hair cut twice by the same barber. Back then it was my sister practicing for beauty school. She did a fine job, and it was FREE! Hali has cut my hair, my uncle has cut my hair, once(only once) Great Clips cut my hair. That time Carli was in the other chair laughing at my Lord Farquad style. Funny thing is, the next week I was touring Europe in a coif created for a Lord not Woody Pope. A couple of times my mom has had a a ponytail sent in an anonymous envelope. Hmmm… I wonder whose…

You see, I’m not too particular who cuts my hair. A pair of shears and a comb will do. For me a barber pole, though not mandatory, is typically the selling point when it comes time to finding a barber.

No Great Clips Up Here In Ely

No Great Clips Up Here In Ely

Recently I’ve been getting a hair cut while traveling. Up here in Ely Minnesota I might as we’ll be in a different country. Talk about livin’ in the sticks! I could hike, paddle, or on a windy day throw stones across the lake to Canada.

What a better place to get some local banter than the Ely barbershop. This fella PJ, has been cutting hair here for years and like any small town in America knows every local as the tourists pass by, canoes strapped to their vans.

By George, his dentist is my uncle. His partner cut Aunt Janes hair until it greyed. And he’s been to the Blueberry Festival so many times, he’s blue in the face.

So last Friday, before I got together with family, I stopped in to see PJ to have my shoulder length hair “trimmed”.

What’ll it be?
Oh, nothing fancy. I’m seeing family that I haven’t seen for a while, so have at it.
You bet!


Thanks for the “trim” PJ!

Snip, snip, snippity snip.

Fifteen minutes later, PJ was done. Well done!

He was playing golf at noon and was nice enough to squeeze me between his 11:00 and 11:30 appointments. Who’d a think a reservation in Ely? Not me. Not this place with the barber pole but it’s done and I’ll be skipping my way through the Blueberry Festival parade, way up here in “the sticks”of the Northwoods in Ely.

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