Stickin’ Your Neck Out

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Growing up in California our history lessons in grade school included studying the Mission Trail-El Camino Real. I remember the architectural masterpieces of the California Missions made in class with sugar cubes, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and modeling clay; The memorable field trip to Santa Barbara exploring inside the mission walls, and our sack lunches. But the most lasting memory I have of Santa Barbara is of the giraffe with the crooked neck at the local zoo.

Gemina the Giraffe

Recently, some friends of mine took a road trip down to Santa Barbara. Before they left, I asked them to send a postcard or at the very least, send a picture of the peculiar giraffe with the crooked neck at the Santa Barbara Zoo. That giraffe might make a good story. Well, apparently after a long life at the zoo, Gemina the giraffe had died a few years ago.

So instead of sending nothing, Bev sent this…

Captions anyone? I’ll start~~~ Friar J-Bird

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