Stickers & Patches

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My vintage suitcase, bike, and laptop are slathered with stickers. Hali’s pack is plastered with patches. These are lightweight, inexpensive, sometimes FREE, souvenirs we collect and cherish.

Last week, while sorting through dozens of boxes of musty old files and dusty college textbooks we came across these treasures…

Stickers & Patches

Stickers & Patches

Remember the Presidential Fitness Award? Hali and I reminisced about our grade school PE classes and participating in this fitness challenge. It was President Kennedy who initiated this program in the 60’s and for both of us we have some fond but mostly fondless memories of how we achieved these patches.

Hali remembers that she would always attempt each exercise with the boys standard. She thought,  “What IS a girls push-up?” Should be the same as the boys. Not that lame arms extended, knees on the floor, move your forehead up-and-down awkward TWISTER piece of work out. And like me, the one-mile run was the most challenging. I would volley an eraser back and forth with a buddy to move faster from one cone to the next.

The side step. That was a cake walk. Sit-ups? I could do sixty sit-ups in a minute. That’s nearly 1 sit-up per second. I also did pretty well in math.

The moment we both remember best was when it was over and when the PE coach handed over this patch. We were official members of the 85 percentile in fitness!


Slathered & Plastered

Thanks coach, and Thank You Mr. President. These are going ON our packs.



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