Star-Struck… Again

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It’s that time of year when this guy comes to Portland to promote his favorite beer and I happened to be at his tasting up at the local supermarket. While sipping three varieties of XX Dos Equis, I got to know more about a guy who is quickly becoming my travel inspiration. Did you know he…

Turned down the role of Fonzie in Happy Days.

Has a tattoo of Abraham Lincoln on his left bicep and when he flexes a stovepipe hat appears atop Abe’s head. Honest!

Discovered the Fountain of Youth in Botswana and his beard disappeared.

Did you know he waterskied two sides of the Bermuda Triangle to prove the Pythagorean theorem… barefoot? Did you? You do now.

Outran a tribe of spear throwing head hunters in Papua New Guinea on a Segway. It’s true! Michael Rockefeller wasn’t so lucky.

Invented the “Clapper”. Clap on (clap clap), Clap off (clap clap), clap on clap off…the Clapper (clap clap).

While drinking bourbon in Kentucky, held at bay an Asian elephant from rampaging his moonshine operation by flexing his left bicep.

Unbelievable? No, it’s all true!

Star-struck, I stashed a six-pack into the basket of my bike and pedaled home as fast as I could. Thirsty, I cracked open a beer and wrote this post.

Not only is he an inspiration, he IS the most interesting man in the world.

This Cinco de Mayo stay safe ANDstay thirsty my friends.

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