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Most travelers choose an airline with the lowest fares. Today it is even easier to find the lowest price when searching for flights because the law requires airlines to publish fares including tax and fees. If a flight is $199 one-way, that’s what you’ll pay. Taxes and fees are no longer hidden in the text as you scroll through pages of passenger jargon that no one ever reads.

All travelers want to get from point A to point B on time, safely. The overused pillow and blanket just takes up space in the overhead. Ever order anything from SkyMall magazine? Probably not. You’ve got that same catalogue right there on your gadget in your personal item.

Southwest vs. Spirit Reading Material

Southwest vs. Spirit Reading Material/Menu

In all the flying I’ve done, I have never heard anyone say, Boy, these peanuts are fabulous!, and, I’ve never had such a tasty Sprite! Once I heard someone say, Seven bucks for a bud light, bring me two! but he was drunk and escorted off the plane.

Red-eye flights? I love them! Why spend a glorious summer day in airports and airplanes when I can fly overnight. This is especially true if vacationing when time is at a premium.

FREE Carry-On

FREE Carry-On ( the bag not dog)

Baggage? I hear it over and over, pack light. It’s true, people over pack. I wear most of the clothes I’ll need onboard, dress in layers, and travel with lightweight easy to wash/dry, simple/durable clothes. T-shirts are sold where you’re going, I promise. The best $10 travel gadget I’ve ever purchased was a flat sink stopper and a rubber clothesline. Crap! I left the sink stopper in the hotel tub. Oh well, those things are cheap and sometimes FREE with promotionals. Just ask your local realtor for one.

Rubber Clothesline~Hali Packs The Newer Model

Rubber Clothesline~Hali Packs The Newer Model

Middle seat? It’s not the best fit sometimes but if your traveling with a partner one of you will most likely get that seat anyway. Plus the middle seat normally has a tad more room for that carry-on. Me, I prefer the aisle when traveling solo, closer to the front of the plane, closer to the rest rooms in the airport.

This last trip I decided to give Spirit Airlines a try. Yea, I read reviews and yea, like most people I want the lowest fare and want to get from here to there safely and timely. So I purchased the Bare Fare one-way Portland to Minneapolis for $125. This included the $10 splurge to actually buy an aisle seat. Bigger more comfortable seats vary in price. Just order on their online menu(this menu has seen better days~looks like a snake on a plane got to it). My personal item~>a small backpack traveled FREE.

Most people on this flight traveled like me. There was plenty of room in the overheads as people opted for the FREE small personal item. The flight attendants weren’t lugging huge aisle carts serving peanuts and sodas. People simply were not ordering from the exorbitant prices on the inflight menu. Why would they? These people are like me, CHEAP!

Like A Bus~Cheesy Vegas Casino Banners

Like A Bus~Cheesy Vegas Casino Banners

Well, I can’t sleep on a plane. I hear all the time.

I saw plenty of head bobbing and mouths agape to know sleep was happening(I’m pretty sure that was sleep). Why? Yea, it was late but also there are no distractions: No Wi-fi, no in-flight magazines, no movies, no flight attendants repeating the complimentary drink lists over and over and over. Wake up people! No, none of that.

After the red-eye and an easy connection in Chicago, I arrived safely in Minneapolis by 10am( 10 minutes early) and ready to fish, paddle, or hunt.

minnesota 2

I didn’t do any of those but I did go to the Blueberry Festival and visit Dorothy Molter. Maybe next time, under better circumstances.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away

I wouldn’t say the flight was the most comfortable, but I did get from point A to point B in a safe, timely manner just like every other passenger on that flight. And with that Bare Fare, sure, I’d give Spirit Airlines another try.

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